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Don't judge harshly

that which the soul

pours forth in its own discovery!

by year




Your thirsty eyes drink deeply from the waters of my soul.

Together we are buoyant as the river makes us whole.


A river runs between us,

Though no one can hear a sound.

Everflowing to connect us,

Its power is profound.


Sweet songbird, your voice awakens my holy wings within,

As my heart and those of angels, your melodies do win.


This time and space we so little share

Is to my soul’s lament,

Still time spent in your presence

Is a passage of enchantment.


Gentle lover your lips seem to speak of a dance upon my skin.

And so my body trembles, let our song of love begin.


And though not often do we touch,

I feel it in your smile,

Your energy washes over me

And it’s been too long awhile.


A river caresses the shoreline as it flows our to the sea.

If your hands could speak-

How breathless would they be upon me?


Jan 23, 1996 





Let the voice of the wind,

Sing the melody of time;

Let our union begin

Sweet love sublime.


Jan 1996




If your soul was the ocean, and mine the dolphin,

How far into your depths would I attempt to swim?

If my soul was the sky and yours the eagle,
Spread your wings, let your flight begin.


Feb 1996



Your eyes to my soul illuminate.

Body to body intoxicate.

Communicate, with words caress-

Until my body your arms possess.


Feb. 1996





Shed your clothes, time, ache and fear

Rest your body to mine so near.

Nudge your soul to open, let me walk within

As our love sublime and coalescence begin.


March 20 1996




Seeing the day then evening’s face

Your love leaves me its eternal trace.

To have you here with me again-

I know not how, I know not when.


For time to me, he cannot tell

How long without you I am meant to dwell.

For now the clock shall mesmerize-

My soul, where once it was your eyes.


Still, water of love in our river streams

Now blends with tears or so it seems.

Where once within your soul I’d soar-

I’m left without wings in evermore.



March 20 1996





Fire in my soul

Your body and mine emblaze.

Thoughts of you they burn

As to me you do amaze.


A fire burns between us

And to my body does ignite.

To our love I’ll hold the candle,

And within the flame we shall unite.


To be near your warmth

To touch your face-

I await-

Until my lips upon your body trace.


The flames within you shine

Around my body they entwine.

I’ll touch you now today,

And tonight you will be mine.


Mar. 21, 1996




How many more times could I do it?

How many more hearts is there to slay?

How many more times did I choose solitude

Than within love dare to stay?


Bless their souls I never meant to hurt.

Bless my soul that I should be so cruel.

Bless the future that I so lately dread,

With my heart of stone and love so cool.


Be it that I never let them in,

Even though they’ve been so long inside.

Be it that I can’t begin

As I have no place left to hide.


And who shall sing their praises

For their efforts though still to their demise...
For all my lovers now the angels sing,

As left in silence, my soul to death it seems to cling.


March 5, 1996





Such sweet time I await-

Any moment in your presence.

You and I alone
As father time, he walks away.


How long has passed?

How long have I-

Been lost within your eyes?


How long indeed

You would neither know;

For what is time

When you’re lost within my soul?



Spring 1996







Stranger then than now

Your melodies did I capture-

To store with curiosities,

Like your eyes that speak to me.


Not as peculiar, yet still familiar

Your presence haunts my heart.

Once here only in song-

Then soon at my side.


Please come back to me-

Too soon our night became a day.

The day that aches for what had

Made its evening smile.


A silent song remains

Of which we did not sing.

Now fate begins to write for us-

And we hear our song of love.


May 13, 1996






I found myself in his arms

But you were wrapped around me

I found myself wanting to know

If I could even be with you

If I was to let this other love go.


I could be with him

As long as no one ever speaks your name

Such a sweet melody,

what will become of me?


I could be with him

As long as the night never comes

Coz when darkness falls,

I’ll want to be with you.


I love to be around him

Though it’s true, he’s not you-

And it’s then my body does not respond

And my soul it  sneaks away

But never could I hurt him, and so this I pray.


I could be with him

Just not in this lifetime

Coz bein’ me just reminds me of you.



May 27, 1996





At fate’s request I let you go

As an angel held my hand.

To let you go was for me to grow,

This I’ve come to understand.


Though at first I may have wept

Many a day without your face,

My heart has come to percept

My life is not without your trace.


Just being me reminds me of you

No matter who is at my side.

My lesson is to love with greatest virtue

And to let courage be my guide.


To let you go was indeed the test,

As soon my love, you will be here.

I’ve loved, I’ve grown and now will rest

Within our love I pray the Lord has blessed.


June 13, 1996





Your soul, your fire

Your eyes, your smile-

Make my heart sing of love

Though I must love another for a while.


But still you have such power

This way you make my heart shine.

Though now I am not with you,
I hope soon you will be mine.


The very thought of you

Gives me such a love

From sweet divine a source

So high above.


Why is it within your eyes,

Is where I see the light?

Man with the shimmering soul,

Where I get lost to my delight.


The hour of your birth

The sun was at its peak

The moment awash with angels,
Middle of the day and of the week.


And within your love I see-

Angels smiling there for all.

Your light embraces this land

And no longer will the darkness fall.

And if at your side-

Never again do I stand-

I’ll know I’ve felt your power

And my love it will expand.


Our kind of love

That makes my heart soar,

Simply inspires me

To give love forevermore.


Evermore your love I’ll feel,

Your love my soul drinks of-

Not just to be with you,

But to simply say, “I love”.


June 1996





You’re leaving this land

Gone to the farther shore.

Ocean floor retreats some more

And I know you walk on water.


Out of our hearts

Friendship did it finally shine.

Our love and faith did refine,

To let us walk on water.


You’ll always be out there somewhere

Though to where you are I’m blind.

You’re sure to be on my mind,

Though you’ve walked across the water.


On the distant shore

You found your new love

She was the one you were dreaming of

And I’m glad to be your friend.


And so you leave here today,

As I relive every moment

From our meeting ‘til the present-

You’re set to cross the water.


Love not within our love,

Grows in our new friendship.

Filled with light and spirit.

I could fly across the water.


Though it’s not forever

From my world you now depart.

Look within your heart

And there you’ll find my strength.


Once dancing in the sand

Soon Sands of Time they shift.

Though time has the gift,

Of when we’ll meet again.


July 12 1996





Should’ve never let him in

For fear I’d ever cast him out.

And darker grows my soul

As angels step aside.


Never really wondered

If there was any room

Where in my secret place

Feelings for you I hide.


What would he do

If he ever knew of you?

Which way would he run,

To make our love come undone?


Should’ve tried to pass the test

I was supposed to wait it out.

Wait for you I should believe

Our love was coming through.


But gone so long and since

Were you my dear, I faltered.
Thought I could be with him,

And forever wait for you.


What would he do

If he ever knew of you?

If he was to ever find

You’re always on my mind.


Dear Lord I must ask

Oh what is it I’ve done?

Where is it I’ve failed?

Where is it I can find my heart?


To find this love of mine

For this man who stands before me.

And not the man with whom

Three years I’ve been apart.


And what of you, my lost love?

You’re coming back again.

Still virtuous, there should be love for us,

If harder had we tried.


But worthy would I be

To have you at my side?

If my lover’s tears would fall,

If one moment he has cried.



July 26 1996





Should the light of the Sun burn out

And the stars no longer shine,

I would still find my way,

From the light in your eyes divine.


July 1996





Do my thoughts appear in your mind

Trembling through your heart?

As do my fingers as I trace your face

On a little picture, so long we’ve been apart.


Does my love wash over you

Virtuous, this energy I send your way.

Patient, do I stand a thousand miles away.

Always at your side does my spirit stay.


But I’m a fool to keep on waiting

Or so some would have me feel.

But what is time apart

Our souls are one, our love is real.


And you know wherever I am

It’s to you I’m always near.

Your inner smile, your inner voice.

I’m within you, I heal your fear.


And if you see or hear angelic wing

Know it’s me, know you’re not imagining.

I’ve been there inside you-

From our ancient beginning.


And just as you are within me now

I bathe you in my warmth and light

Be it your body or spirit

That rests with me tonight.


July 1996



Blessed be you gave breath to me

Dear Lord I seek to be your light.

Truth be found, I’d find my way,

If even I lost my sight.


I just wanted to say thank-you

And let you know that I’ll still try

To carry on in spite of

The sorrow that drops by.


Faith in me falls sometimes silent

Where courage is a tiny voice.

In the darkest day still you are here

I need only make my choice.


Within me I want to see

The virtue inside man.

My eyes view the dark, the light

The ancient struggle since time began.


As your warrior I stand and fight

To bring Heaven unto Earth.

I’ll try a little every day

To give this purpose to my birth.


July  1996




In my world

My changing world today.

Why do I hear your voice?

Why does it carry me away?


Why is it I think about you,

Though to someone else I’m near?

I sense the time is soon-

That soon you’ll reappear.


Worthy is our past-

The beginning of our friendship.

But ruthless would be the time

Where from each other we would slip.


Still sleeping is our love

As angels watch the wheel

That turns toward your touch

One day again I’ll feel.


You who takes my breath away

You who sets me free-

Another woman says she loves you,

But all along it’s still been me.


I will quench your thirsty soul

And no longer will you cry.

Look for me within your memory

And tonight we’re sure to fly.


When I lay me down to sleep

I feel you at my side

As distance, time and ache-

To our hearts cannot divide.


And why does my soul shine

Just to be your friend?

Such a love it is the goal.

To such a love there is no end.


To know you’re in the world

Makes my love grow brighter still.

Though I’m with another now-

Your love gives me life and will.


Bless it be your gift to me

Love- though still we are apart.

I invite every angel to look within

And see the wings you give my heart.


July 4 1996





And he found me

From between the strands of time

He came to me, as I was lost-

Wandering amongst life’s bedtime stories

Wrapped in memories of you.


Encased in golden sunlight

He turned to me and smiled

I was awakened.


Gentle as an angel’s breath

I heard him call my name.

I lost the dream, I lost your face.

And I turned to him again.



Silent communication

Sweet Intoxication


There’s so much his eyes can tell me

So much they have to say,

And from his smile

He does indeed, he sweeps my heart away.


But what of you?

Sweet phantom of the past

Could you ever again appear?

Wander back to my side

And to my soul so near.


For only with you

Could my soul begin to fly.

But his eyes seem to promise

A flight just as high.


Still clinging to slumber

And dreams of you,
I blinked and looked away.

Yet his light had quickly filled me

And I feared that it would stay.


Suspended in time, our love will still grow

As I must learn to live today.

Cradled in  tomorrow is our reunion

But for now this time is where I stay.


But I will not forget you

I will never let you go.

And as I lay my heart to weep

I pray the Lord and angels

Protect our love for now they keep.


Summer 1996




Though His love alone should suffice

His kindness lends us little signs,

That angels do deliver us,

But without our thanks, cease to assign.


Were it for one too many signs I’d asked

However patiently-

Like being hungry for the fruit,

But from such, forget the tree.


In silence were the angels

For the lesson they would teach.
As higher grew the tree

‘Til the fruit was out of reach.


If a fruit were now to fall

Such a sign that it would be!

But would that mean that I love him,

Or that my lover, he loves me?


So many signs I needed

That beneath the tree I lay in such depressed retire.

But then from its shelter and surely strong support

To the tree I began to thus admire.


Beyond the fruit what beauty to behold

And such life from emerald vines.

Through this canopy that sheltered me

Such divine a light it shines!


Awakened from my state

Danced I around the tree.

A tree of such holy design

However once, I could not see.


Open arms- my Lord I praise thee!

From your kindest signs more time I will spend-

In grace and gratitude I understand-

And from the tree then fell is fruit

And into my open hand.


Aug 12, 1996



So long my dear you’ve been away

Walking on the farther shore.

You know your love never left me,

But there was nothing left to hold on for.


I could never let go your power,

Yes your love still evolves here within.

I sang our love a lullaby-

Asleep it fell perhaps to wake again.


Around the sun we did  revolve

Too many times to tell;

If our love would ever wake

If again it would compel.


And yet now I do await,

A look within your eyes!

It is now sweet love awake!

Our time is here, let love arise!


Sept. 21 1996




Sleeping love awoke and waited

For I had summoned it at last.

Finally you’d returned,

Through all the time that slowly passed.


With once sleeping love awakened

I began to ache for your sweet touch.

Love no longer lay in silence,

And it expected far too much.


I guess with all my faith

My eyes had fallen blind.

To any people whose actions

To our fate would not be kind.


And so unlike the morning

Where you wake with sunlight on you skin-

Sleeping love awoke in my heart

Where the sun was soon to set within.


Creeping darkness devours light

And followed the purest in our love.
Angels cried and had to step aside

It was our test from up above.


To each other’s side we almost made it-

Precious time and space we were to share.

But darker grew the forces

That gave sleeping love waking nightmare.


My heart knows you would have wanted

To be there at my side.
But circumstance and fate

This time, to us, was to divide.


Sleeping love will stay awake on vigil

To battle darkness for control.

And next time with my light and love

I will be there to fill your soul.



Sept. 27 1996




Baby, since I met you

My feet have never

Touched the ground.

I’m like the body that wandered

Into your cosmic pull.

And just like the Earth and Moon

To you

I’ll always be around.


As the Sun and stars

Shine upon you day or night

My light and love
Won’t disappear

And as sure as the Moon

Would never wander from our world-

For you

I will be here.


As many times

As there are stars

In the skies

You can call me

And I’ll be there by your side.

Like the marriage of the Earth and Moon

Around the Sun we circle and

To each other

Our fate is tied.


Sept 29 1996

....1996 continues below....





It’s raining coincidence

Or should I say

Everything shows a sign,
I’ll be with you today.


Most angelic presence

At my side I feel-

Always guiding me to you,

Because my lover, my love is real.


Gentle signs as I await

Prove what I have always known-

The soul I see in your eyes

Yes indeed, is of my own.


With such longing did I fail

To see reality- I was blind.

With too much patience from the signs

Time left me behind.


Too fateful had I grown

That we were meant to be-

I left all the work to angels,

And with my own eyes I did not see.


That to be with you

I would have to fight

Against the odds

To be with you that night.


And so upon my faith I fell

When our night had come and gone-

Still without you at my side,

How would I go on?


Dear Lord, I’ve come to know

The faults within my faith

Right I was for him to wait

But one must run to meet their fate.


Faith is not to be invested

In something so distinct-

As a wish upon specific outcome

Even if our souls are linked.


Inner peace is work of faith

That there is so divine a plan-

That things will happen if meant to be,

If written since Time began.


When faith feels comfy, it will be tested

And a lesson one must learn-

For what would I really know of faith

If its virtue I did not earn.


And so again for my love I do await

With gentle trust our story will unfold

I just have to prove myself worthy

Of the faith I so dearly hold.


Oct 8-11 1996




I turn the lights out

And I’ll lie here and wait for morning.

It’s really dark now

But I’m finished waitin’ on ya.


Night speaks

But I don’t call your name.

You live your life

So far away from me.


Somewhere, sometime

You will be here again.
Somehow, and someway

I won’t care about it anyway.


I wanna be free

Free my world


I watch the clock pace

As I lie here the time in coming.

It’s getting thick now

But from no more fears I’m running


I stand on this faith all by myself

Break free from waiting

Even if it kills me.


I wanna be free

Free my world.


Nov 26 1996






To love you

I pray alone

I’ll wait the night

To find you gone.

Gently I let you out

If only for the moment

To make room

For more of me.

Across the continent

Still I hear your heart

Just remember

Part of me is yours.

Father Time

Will turn the page

And soon

I’ll be back within your eyes.

But to make it

To our future

It is here that I

Let go the past, the present.

I rest on faith now.

If I was the one

I will be the one again.

Upon this ache

No longer 

Can I stand

I will fly...

Outward will I look

Beyond the bleeding sun

To face the fear

Of the echo within.

Wrong were the choices

These days that I have made,

So fate went and hid you babe,

But it never will again.

These times apart
You may not see me

Smiling beside you

But still I am, just the same.



Dec 1, 1996





I might be waiting

I might be wondering ‘bout you

Where’d you go

Sometimes even I don’t know.

It’s hard to know

When to stop remembering

It’s hard to know

When to forget about you.


So I’ll wait      I’ll wait.


Having you to talk with

Having you to walk with

How would I know

It’s been such a long time

Love evolves

Love revives

Time will test

But our love will survive


That’s why I’ll wait            I’ll wait


Coz I’m gonna get you

Not forget you.

I’m gonna get  you

Not forget you.


This time I spend

Could be time spent with you if

Father Time, one day he made you mine

Time forgets

My love can count the seconds

When it’s been too long

And far apart we are.


I’ll wait

I’ll wait





I’ll wait


Just in case

After all this time you’ve

You’ve been waiting there

But how would I ever know that

You’ve been waiting there,

Waiting there for me.


Dec. 23 1996




‘Tis love that I feel

Though I’ve never seen you before

Your eyes I recognize

Your voice in my heart

How manylives have we been apart?


Do you believe?

Tell me do you believe?

If I could go back in time

Your heart has been mine a thousand times

Those eyes that now shine into mine


And through I see,

You’re so familiar to me.


I know there is Jesus

I see him, I see him through your eyes.

Take my, take my hand

Your touch, mystifies.

Shed your clothes, shed your skin.


Do you believe?

Tell me, do you believe?

If I could go back in time

How many times have you been mine?

And those eyes that now shine into mine...


And through I see

You’re so familiar to me.


Even when you smile and walk away

You never leave.
Your love, your light still remains

Though you’re a thousand miles away.


Dec. 1996




Alone with winter in my heart I stand.

Seems you’re halfway across the universe.

Another blue Christmas,

But I ain’t blue

I’ve got it worse.


Oh, December 26th evergreen

Cut down but not selected,

You wait in the snow.

Only you could bear empathy

To the emptiness I’ve come to know.


If a single snowflake were now to fall

Such a lonely journey to what glistens below.

But what greater reward of union,

Than when snowflake becomes snow.


Two presents did I ask for.

Strength and courage from above.

To make it to the day,

Where I’ll be with my dearest love.


Next Christmas, to be with you I  pray.

Gifts of love to share,

One future wintry day.

For our Lord, today we celebrate!

Merry Christmas baby,

Though you are so far away.


December 25, 1996

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