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Song Sparkplug.

Inspirado Instigator.

Life Alchemist.

Once a Hot Doc nominated film sound editor, a guitar tech & stage hand lucky to have worked with Grammy award winning artists, and now a Wellness Coach! However, I had a brush with mortality that made me focus on my music! I'm a songwriter who doesn't always play or sing on the tunes I write- I choose whatever serves the song! I use production houses for professional musicians, but you can hear me sing, and play all instruments on my song demos playlist or band videos in unapologetic self expression. Stay tuned, this intergalactic musicollective has many more tunes to pour forth into the mystical land of songdom for you.

Listen loud!


"Gravesender" picked for major TV show...

June 30, 2019

I've been pitching to music supervisors from my old contacts and new ones and Gravesender was asked for specifically. It is now parked in a special folder for REVENGE themes in a major company and earmarked for one of my fave shows! Pinch me! It's just a matter of time before the right scene pops up, they try it out and the director/producer says yes! I used to actually be the sound editor that sat with them doing this... now I'm on the other side! Fingers crossed!

Sundown Sessions Studio

Launching the tunes from Sundown Sessions Studio


From secret songwriter to true inner volume.

I'm a songwriter who has worked as a sound engineer, stage hand & film sound editor once nominated in 1999 at the Hot Docs Festival for best sound edit with my crew. I've also worked with incredible artists while I wrote and recorded my own songs secretly.


Sometimes things happen in life where you face your mortality and are left asking "what will I leave behind"? In the midst of all chaos, we must create music and get it out there!


I decided that the songs deserved professional musicians and production. Enter Sundown Sessions Studio in California. Personnel and production team for hire. What you hear in the Sundown Sessions playlist are various members of their team performing my songs under the umbrella of Sundown Sessions Studio personnel. 

I come from the generation obsessed with liner notes, but when you use a production studio nowadays you don't always get to know who plays on your songs. The musicians are successful touring musicians who take "work work for hire" on these tracks and therefore don't release their names. Yep. The only way you'll see names on songs are when I've hired someone I know to play or sing on a tune, or if I'm on the recording.


On the collection of songs called Sundown Sessions, you will hear the unnamed musicians in their collective. Thanks for making my tunes sound great you masked music makers! Chris Shreenan-Dyck and team are world class. Thinking of having your tunes recorded professionally to up the ante?

For my rough demos- see the demo playlist! Thanks for stopping by and hanging out. 



Who am I?

I'm a Song Sparkplug who creates songs from the etheric spark of the quantum field and gets help from other techs and musicians in my collective to actualize them into this reality. I can often be seen sitting around with other humans imbibing the creative force of the universe. This basically means staring into space the way cows stare at thunder.

I'm a Guitarslinger who jumps behind a guitar to hide from life's turmoil and deliver my justice. Better called a guitarslinger since I own a bunch of guitars but not being exceptionally gifted enough to chance giving myself the coveted "guitar player" nomenclature. Judge for yourself if you listen to my rough demos.

Inspirado Instigator- to quote Jack Black from the musicomedy duo Tenacious D- where does inspirado come from? "You can't manufacture inspirado. It arises from a stillness, a quietude, when your heart mingles with your soul and oh man they do the dance." Of all the things I like to instigate by myself or with my musiccollective, inspirado is my favorite. Inspiring music to come forth here, there and everywhere.

Life Alchemist- let's face it, life will give you lemons, but making lemonade makes you pucker, making music makes everyone smile. Take something from nothing and make it everything. Take the shit life gives you and spin it into gold. The older you get, the more you realize you must be a life alchemist to survive.

Musicollective- well now for some people like Jackson Browne, they ARE their collective- they write, sing and play on their tunes with a few others. I write, sing and play multiple instruments on rough demos only that you can listen to as a novelty. But to serve you up reeeal good ear candy, I need my song posse of professional musicians and engineers! Whatever serves the song. Little known fact- when using a production house, one does not always get to know the names of these masked musos so in some cases I cannot share any liner notes of who is singing and playing on the songs. Sometimes I know the singer or players, sometimes not. Just rest assured they are touring artists and musos of more talent than I. All for the sake of the song! And moving forward I will be bringing into the collective other musicians who I CAN tell you their names! I'll be putting my vocals down on some songs as well. There will be some co-writing and other projects shared in the collective as well. Stay tuned.

Now listen and play these tunes loud!

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