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Who Am I?

Lisa Swarbrick- Songwriter, Guitar Player, Writer, Guitar Tech, Sound Engineer, Sound Editor, Stage Hand, Osteopathic Movement Specialist, Life Alchemist.


Every once in awhile a singer/songwriter comes along being dragged kicking and screaming by their muse. A late bloomer, her inspiration is a force that cast Lisa neurotically back and forth from tech to muso for years. Her background is not in the spotlight, but behind the scenes. Secretly Lisa was always writing songs while working with or being around so many successful artists such as Gov’t Mule, The Allman Brothers, Big Sugar, Los Lobos, Peter Frampton, Conan O’Brien Band, Living Color and more.


She has worked as a stage hand or engineer at the most popular music venues in Toronto with international touring artists, had a few great forays out on the road in the States, worked on and off as a sound engineer/sound editor for studios in Toronto, and as a dialogue editor once nominated with her crew for best sound edit on a documentary for the 1999 Hot Docs Festival.


Lisa met, worked with and married infamous guitar tech Brian Farmer (Johnny Cash/Warren Haynes) and moved from Toronto to the NYC area. She set up a music studio in her apartment and went to The New School University Guitar Study Center and was also a music journalist who wrote for HittinTheNote Magazine.


Being married to Brian Farmer, there were ample guitars hanging around, some were even Gregg Allman’s, Warren Haynes’ or someone else’s with good mojo. Lots of gear and inspirado led Lisa to finally focus on her songwriting instead of always just working for someone else. A move to Nashville also saw her add many new experiences into the well. Now back in the NYC area, songwriting helps Lisa exorcise the demons! But not all... she'd like to keep a few.




After breaking her body real darn good as a sound engineer, stage hand, along with other mishaps and misgivings, looking for longevity and redox, Lisa jumped into bodywork and studying health and wellness. Her first clients were other sound crew, guitar techs, roadies and musicians. She is an Osteopathic Movement Specialist (Canada), Personal Trainer and has studied Applied Kinesiology, Functional Neurology, Functional Medicine, Energy Medicine, Music Therapeutix and Brain Gym.



Now at a time in her life of great serendipity, Lisa takes everyday emotions, cosmic jokes, broken wings, and dropped threads of life and weaves them into songs of gold. She also takes broken bodies, injuries and illness and turns it back around with bodywork and health coaching. Audio Alchemy was the name of her first sound company. And currently her bodywork practice is SomaFit Wellness for health alchemy. The culmination of all makes her a creative songwriter and life alchemist.



"The songs I write are ramblings and ruminations filtered through an unquiet mind and a blue soul.”

–Lisa Swarbrick

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