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Don't judge harshly

that which the soul

pours forth in its own discovery!

by year




Lay the darkness from your touch,

Nightshade calls my skin.

Your hands wait too long,

Your chance blue soul, begin....


Touch the light, time,dust and blood.

Soul search inside, love sat by.

Magical lover lie at my temple-

Time will sigh and mystify.


Finest face, gifted trace,

Lay by me- watch my soul.

Vigilance in silence -

Shadow me, make us whole.


June 5, 1993 



The point in my life faces swords of sorrow.

Direction pull ruins of dust in time.

My soulmate, you disappear, yet exist-

At your side is where my spirit dwells.


Give your heart, you have virtuous love.

Hold my hand, strength follows.

Your planetary pull rings with music

And inside resides your heart of valour.


Sands drift on the currents of my mind,

Speed your soul to me in times of trouble-

I shall lie at your temples, vigilant.

And hold your soul in a ritual of completion.


June 19, 1993





Time unveils the future into the present.

Yet too slowly he travels the road.

When will he bring us together again?

Ever onward he plans, yet devoid of our union.


Time forgets that love can count the seconds.

These hours, days, seasons- all leave a painful imprint.

The sands shift and fossilize the moment, the memory.

Please do not draw us where I fear our past no longer exists.


July 5, 1993




Forgiven darkness now recedes

Beckoned light sets our path

Wander to my side Love...



Aug 1 1993




Another mortal incarnation my dear love.

Again you leave our celestial abode.

New growth and light draws you earthward.

Begin, I believe in you.


I will watch over you- now you are a little one.

You struggle into your earthly family.

Life cycle begins once more.
I am your vigilant angel for you share my soul.


Time chronicles your treasures.

I’ve been with you all the while.

In only your fifth year, you are wise,

I miss your presence by my side.


Lord Creator, I miss my love.

He carries my soul inside him.

Grant us another life together,

We will meet the transformation.


Father time will walk swiftly,
Helping us through our growth.

Guiding us until we are ready-

To unite the heavens with the earth.


Aug 1 1993



Walk awhile beside me angel

Could I have dreamed of such a sight?

Only a man that I hold so dear,

Could give me more delight.


May he know the touch of an angel’s wing

The serenity of my love undying-

Whispering words in his dreams,

Bless his soul that makes mine sing.


In my eyes is the soul he’ll recognize

Don’t leave our song unsung.

I am his spirit ride, I am his soulbride

I’m his crazy one.


Yet where is he tonight?

And what road is it he follows

Father time knows our tomorrows-

But of Love? God only knows...


He had this silent way he’d smile

And just stare into the sun.

He’d look at me all mystified

Wondering if I was the one.

It’s in my eyes, the soul you’ll recognize

Don’t leave our song unsung.

I am your spirit ride, I am your soulbride-

I’m your crazy one.



Aug 16-24 1993



Age of darkness tempts the ones who seek the Light.

Many a face lears with malicious intent,

Many a tongue speaks forth sin,

But they will have to live with the consequences of their words.


Virtue ignores the wrongs against her,

As faith sings within her soul.

Travel the road of Truth,

And wisdom shall walk at your side.


But do not wander with those drunk with wine,

Fly with those filled with spirit-

As the Holy Bible speaks.


I hear these words of peace within

Though my courage sometimes falters,

My faith is never far behind.

Lord, your love is always on my mind.


Dec. 7 1993



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