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Don't judge harshly

that which the soul

pours forth in its own discovery!

by year





Just outside of Kalamazoo, that’s where my daddy died long ago

Now here we’re cruising east, coming from Alpine Valley

Where grateful Other Ones rocked us into Terrapin Station

And we’re still feelin’ alright.


Sunset highway 94 rolling by cereal city
There’s friends on the side of the road

Battling away in a Battle Creek Bus Breakdown.

But wait, it’s crazy, there’s a cop and they’ve been busted, maybe

Did they have any bud left, brownies or LSD oreos

Coz his lights are flashing and he’s taking them away.


Driving like Neal Cassady he took them to the Steak and Shake

Said he got a call across town of a man with a gun

So I’m gonna close my eyes to your contraband van and deception

Battle Creek Bus Breakdown

Where the hell is the damn bus now
To where did they tow, we gotta know

We piled all into our car
Col Bruce singing Basically Frightened on the stereo
And we followed the toothless grins of passersby

Til we crossed the tracks

Our bearded buddy Beer Bottle just wanted his VW bus back.

And we wondered if across town the man with the gun got outdone


Battle Creek Bus Breakdown

Where the hell is the damn bus now
To where did they tow, we gotta know


Where id you go my midnight rodeo?

Smile on the edge of a clown

Didn't let me know you were sinking down,

Sunshine on the edge of a frown.



Delia grew up in that ivory tower

She used to catch and torture spiders

Just coz good and evil was all mixed up inside her.

Pops used to keep her there because when she went out

She didn’t know what rolling up her sleeves was all about.

No one even let her know, she was no good for sure,

Even flowers turned to stone behind her.


She’s a silver spoon licker, she’s a toilet drinker

All that glitters in her eyes ain’t love, it’s gold.

Surrounded by gossipers and hot gospellers, yapper dogs and fools,

Still you looked into her eyes and the truth took on disguise.

Search for a hiding place, a heart of gold to whom you can confide

It’s hard to be your angel, when the devil’s at your side.




Prayers rise like hands in the sky
Merging minds mingle into melody

Singing, dancing, evolving
Spirits sighing with silences.

Inhalation, the soul breathes
Exhale and the universe moves through you.

Swept into the temporal flow
Rhythm never cease.


Lives connect to reconnect

Across time and turning tide.

Eyes that speak with long forgotten words,

Only the soul can hear.


Intersecting forces fascinate

Conjure and concentrate the music

Laughing light, smiling sound,

Forever lingers and hangs around.


To the pounding of the skins

Emotive strings snap and quiver.

A voice weaves through it all,

Remember to surrender.




The stillness of goodbye again nudges

Into the rhythm of my heart.

Eternal blood of sunset,

Wounded and sinking,

But the promise to rise again.


Fate peeling body from body,

But never soul from soul.

You and me, apart

Breathing across space and time

Lovelight of the sun

Two still are one.



If I could I would, die on a Sunday.

My last day, let the clocks turn their faces.

I'm safe in the arms of Sunday,

Where the sun is easy on the eyes

And the day easy on your soul.

Listen to me breathe, then take my breath away,

Sweet soulful Sunday.

To have a man who feels like Sunday,

Safe in the arms of Sunday

Spinning around dizzy with love, 

A Sunday kind of love.

Open dirt roads, old fences and sapphire skies
Front porches guitar strings and long goodbyes.





Since I met you

I do

A lot of gazing

Mostly sighing

All smiling

Looking at the sky

In wonder

Of that look in your eye

Sea water iris mirrors

Reflecting fondness

Projecting joy.





Shine a light on darkened path.

Distant memory lights my way to you,

As your eyes reflect

The yesterdays of ours.

Sea of quidity awakens.

Your phantom stares

Down our tomorrow,

From which you shall walk into my arms.

But fear creeps near

Behind footsteps of doubt-

Time speeding towards

Our lives on collision.

Merging, mingling and attracting

Or confusing, disillusioning and repelling.

Luscious, though looming

Tidal wave of destiny

To soon wash over us.

But thru my heart, my eyes can see

Smiling you and me

Breathing underwater

Souls buoyant and rising

Giggling in bubbles

Under blue sky.





Long time.

Long time coming.

Time plays with my heart.

Our yesterday too far away,

Tomorrow existing just beyond reach.

To be again by your side

Stealing moments, stealing hearts.

Making time, making love,

Whispering ourselves home.

Waiting for your hunger to devour me.

Still you reach inside me from afar,

I hear your words and voice within

Waiting for your breath to fall upon my skin.







Eyes that look up sudden

To see where once I cried-

Beyond the window in that building

After my father died.


No matter what the day, so many since

This bus I ride to work rolls by and by

The home where my father did not live

But for his Funeral he did lie.


I walked outside and under sky I talked to him.

For I know from everywhere now he hears.

Hundreds gathered to remember-

Flowers, words and tears for his sixty one years.


Still with much mortal strength I stood

To speak to those who sat to cry.

Word by word conjured the greatest man,

Father, husband, brother, friend- to say goodbye.


Hard to remember then

As now I sit driving past

That day, night and so many again

To this moment the pain should last.


If I could hear but one more soft word-

Papa’s voice so bearcat low

One more laugh or whistling song

One more day without him

Wouldn’t seem as long.





There is a smile in the melody of his southern accent

That speaks beyond the ear into my heart

Beating up and out of my chest.

Southern accents drawn upon open doors

Where he has walked into my soul

With slow, happy footsteps.

A southern accent where he comes from-

Dreamy grasses and magical sun,

A warmth he carries with him.

And my body begins to resonate

With the music of this sweetness

The accent of his southern laughter.

Southern accents etched around his eyes

Eyes that shine with Tennessee twilight

A light I seem to follow home.







On you

My world spiraling

Into you


Against you

Your body pressing

Into me


For you

Your worries and stress

My battle


Inside you

The walls and cages

My awakening

Glorious crush

Around us

Our worlds








To feel the smile I’d never seen

A thousand miles away

To know his touch beyond

My presence

His trail of light upon this earth.


To hear the melody with my body

He beams across our time,

To dance my spirit into

His creations

Infinite as his center.


To beat my knowing heart

Into his endless rhythm,

To listen not with ears

But soul

His sounds of universal vibration.




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