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Don't judge harshly

that which the soul

pours forth in its own discovery!

by year





In a dreamscape walking the landscape of your life

I was the only onliest one to visit your grave.

All the clowns and fools who clamoured around

Didn’t care as much once you were in the ground.

They moved on to the next party

Forgot about you,

All but me.


It’s getting later than now

Can we finally spend some time?

Just me and you, just us two,

Before there is winter in our hair.
To be together, to be twice as bold

To finally bathe in this love we hold.

To be not blind, to be twice as brave

To hold each other before the grave.



It’s hard to speak to you over the noise of those too near

I’m willing to yell should at least your guardian angel then hear.

I don’t want to be your saviour

You’ve slayed them all before.
Silence is your sword.

Darkness finds your light and settles in your soul

But it ain’t yours, it’s not yours to keep

So let it go.

I am the light you can see and not close your eyes.

I am the light in the darkness when the day is done.
I’ll be your new religion.

I’m just a girl,
But I can change your world.

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