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Sundown Sessions Studio Productions
April 24, 2019

I'm a songwriter who has been tossing my demos up on the web for years but finally decided that the songs deserve professional musicians and production. Enter Sundown Sessions Studio in California. Personnel and production team for hire. What you hear are various members of their team performing my songs under the umbrella Sundown Sessions Studio. Thanks for making my tunes sound great! Chris Shreenan-Dyk and team are world class.

Launching Music Facebook Page

Why not have a dedicated Facebook page for my music related escapades...

True Inner Volume
November 2018

Sometimes it takes a brush with death to make you really want to live. Staring at your mortality, you suddenly wonder what will remain when you are no longer on this Earthwalk. I decided all the music I'd been writing should get out there. My rough demos were mostly already up on my SoundCloud. But what about serving the songs by getting them professionally produced. I'm a good enough singer and guitar player to write and record demos, but not much beyond that!  So where and how would I express my true inner volume???

Enter Sundown Sessions Studio in California. Chris Shreenan-Dyk and his team of world class musicians, engineers and team put it all together. An amazing experience. Thanks everyone.

I selected specific songs that would be great to record with proper production, even if I wasn't going to sing or play on them, it would serve the song to really shine with professional players and singers.  Later I could record my own vocals and even put in some of my sloppy, bloozy geetar.  Hahahaha.

"Gravesender" picked for major TV show
June 30, 2019

Hold onto your hat, one of my songs was chosen for a major TV show folder just waiting for the right scene for it. The music supervisor favored it for his show and asked for it specifically. Now it's just a waiting game on that one as I keep pitching the five tunes produced by Sundown Sessions!


I used to be a sound editor for film and TV, once nominated with my small team in 1999 for a Hot Doc film festival award for best sound edit. I wanted to be a music supervisor at that point and I used to pitch them music of my friends since I was also a music sound engineer at local studios.  I was just a closet songwriter! I was also a live sound engineer and guitar tech who ended up working and/or hanging with so many of my heroes that it was humbling and hard to feel settled as my own songwriter. Well, a brush with my mortality convinced me to shove insecurity aside and just throw caution to the wind and get these songs out there, resurrect my old contacts, make new ones and forge ahead.

I'm a good enough guitar player, and singer to demo songs but I figured I might as well hire a professional production team to record the songs so that the quality is high enough the get sync placements. Thank you and that's what has been getting pitched to music supervisors.

Fingers crossed!

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