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Don't judge harshly

that which the soul

pours forth in its own discovery!

by year




Chasing jungles to the shore

‘Til above the sea the eagles soar.

Dreams survive, yet rivers cease to flow-

I’ll hold...

Onto visions once my dreams

Impossible or so it seems.

Ocean floor retreats some more-

I’ll hold...

Out for silver shores to wander

For a pure love I ache and ponder.

Is it you to search these eyes of blue?

I think then, I’ll hold onto you.


Jan 24, 1994





So I’ll run

Across Americas I’d run.

Around the Islands I would swim.

I’d cross any land or water

Just to be with him.


Jan 24 1994




I will walk through gateways of memories

Silenced beyond fortune’s waterfalls,

Driven blind by the sands of time.


Searching for the purest thought

I ride feathers of vast angelic wing.

Drifting on the currents of you soul.


Jan 24 1994




Like a breeze that blows

As time descends,

Your name sounds off the sun.


How many times must I call,

Sounding love,

Until the sands no longer run?


Centuries past

A reality time can bend-

Our souls were one.

Another world, fighting darkness.

We loved,

But now we run.


An angel streams pacific tears

Calming distant seas.
Swimming in words of holy water,

He calmly speaks to me.


Wisdom rides the waves

Where soulmates find eternity.


Jan 25, 1994




Time long past, we once were one.

A soul that Spirit created whole.
Lives of distance, yet parallel distinction-

Lead us here, in the recesses between our worlds.

Soulmate union, we shall now journey together.

Our of heaven’s door,

Into earthly bodies, our spirit’s pour.

Bodies sometimes distant, yet souls aligned.
Spirit touch we’ve missed so much

Is what we seek to find.


Jan 24 1994






So you say there ain’t no man around

Got no one to hold you tight

Life ain’t servin’ up a soulmate

Bet a trough of cheesecake’d whet your appetite.


Girl I ain’t no stranger to those

Wheel of Fortune blues

Just say, Mr. Destiny will soon be mine

And until then, food will pass the time.


Just go on and defrost your luck,

You know its time to chow

Just grab a shovel and load it in

Or would you like a plough?


Mandolin solo


Sweet passion fruit ambrosia

Feasts upon your soul

And those Bill Cosby puddin’ pops

Really test your self control.


And for that moment of destiny

You haven’t gained an inch

Good thing coz he’s in line

When you order that bucket of coffee and fate sandwich.


Spring 1994





I can feel you heartbeat

Though I’m far across this land

And I can trace your fingertips

Just as if I held your hand.


Hey darling

I can still see your face

Even though it’s been so long

Since our last embrace.


I can feel your teardrops

Like the rains in my sou

And you know I’ll be there for you

When time makes us whole.


Bless the soul that I see

Beyond your eyes divine

And you know it’s your sweet smile

That makes my heart shine.


I can still taste your lips

Your kiss warm upon my skin

And you need not say a word

As I can hear you within.



Spring 1994



Against the odds they met.

To each other’s sides they joined.

And with a smile,

They began again.

Time blind,

Souls aligned-

As if they’d never been apart.


Mar. 16 1994






By fate’s amorous design

And guidance by the winged divine

We wandered into the same time and space.

You- your presence filled the air with warmth

And your peaceful eyes traced my glowing face.

The moon was dark.


Our journey here has been foretold.

As now your smiling face I behold.

Let our souls sing of sweet salvation.

I- I waited for your angel to come to me.

Inspiration from celestial visitation.

And the moon was dark, yet increasing in light.


I have been your love before

And so between our hearts the water of love shall pour.

The New Moon holds a power that unites you and I.

You and I- we radiate our own higher and Holy light.

As between us our souls unify and sanctify-

When the moon is dark.


Apr 11 1994



His lips spoke a sweet goodbye

And solemnly our souls caressed.

My face and brow felt cool

Now no more to my lover’s breast.


The seasons pass like midnight

And shift within these nameless hours.

With every delay, darkness prowls closer

And to my heart devours.


Now no more is our glory

Unless fate transforms us as I write-

Placing you soon within my path

So we may once again unite.


My heartbeat steals the silence

Each tortured moment takes too long.

Blessed future holds the man I adore,

But here my soul cries now no more!


April 11, 1994






Once impossible dream

Once imprisoned heart


Once gentle encounter.


Twice shattered hopes

Twice shackled soul-


Twice angels remembered.


Third time

Three times sublime


Three prayers answered.


Fourth tomorrow

Four arms outstretched


Four arms embrace.



August 27, 1994




Too soon the time will wander

When no longer do I hold your hand,

And Father Time will pass us by

To spread our ashes across this land.


So many prayers were answered here

As angels guided from above.

And on each of our encounters

We never ceased to feel His love.


Holy were the moments

When you walked within my soul,

And precious were the angels

Who sought to make us whole.


There are no forgotten answers

To any prayers from within my heart

And I remember every time the Lord

Gave me strength when we’re apart.


Though our distance makes me ache

My faith and love are real,

Though I know not where you are today,

Nor what tomorrow will reveal.


Still  I know the Lord will smile

When our love outlasts the Sun,

Through distance, life and death

You and I are One.


Sept. 11, 1994






Time shackles spirit

Lord knows it’s been awhile.

But this once thirsty soul

Is now drunk upon your smile.


Sweet intoxication

I begin to feel your presence.

My once forsaken heart,

You now swim within its essence.


Upon our next encounter

Earthly pleasures we will share.

I ache to feel your touch,

Upon my skin so bare.


Irresistible attraction

Allure of your caress.

Undeniable hunger

Until my body your arms possess.


Devouring darkness

Your soul reflects a light divine.

And though the moon is dark,

When full, you will be mine.


October 5, 1994




Time finds us apart today,

Our yesterday’s tomorrow.

Distance favored the closer heart,

And left mine here filled with sorrow,


I know she likes your smile,

This love that you have found.

Yet, no longer at your side,

Still my love will be around.


Closer to your body,

She wakes upon your touch.

Yet here upon my pillow,

Your spirit rests as much.


I know I’m in your soul,

Though she’s the one you’re near.

Patience, power, soulmate love,

I stand in faith and have no fear.


Distance, time and angels speak,

With her for now you shall belong.

You need this time to love with her,

Until destiny sings our song.


November 6, 1994



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