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Don't judge harshly

that which the soul

pours forth in its own discovery!

by year




Snowflakes settle on the windshield

To the west the sun turns a golden hue,
And the trees point their icy fingers

To help me find my way to you.


Smile on my face

But my spirit rides the setting sun

I’ve become addicted to your evilness,

Your scorching lies and deception.


Our river of love once flowing

Has frozen in the bitter snow,

And even the current beneath the ice,

Now begins to cease its flow.


Your evil temple blocks the sunset

As I enter with bewilderment.
I go searching in its maze-

For you and your rocky torment.


When I look into your eyes,

I see the only love I’ve known.

And I’m here to try once again

To chisel through your heart of stone.


Jan 1990





When the wind sleeps,

She is listening to your whispers,

And she believes in those dreams

That you speak of so softly.


When she wakes,

And howls in your ears,

She is encouraging you to speak louder than her

So that your dreams may be heard.


May 1990






The eagle flies out of my reach.

 His wings spread across the skies,

Obscuring my vision of anything else,

Searching me with his piercing eyes.


Calmly soaring within my vision,

Do my eyes see what is real?

Or just a symbol of my dreams

Eagle, please tell me how to feel.


I need your mighty wings around me

And the love of your spirit so divine.

You already fly with my soul,

Eagle, when will you be mine?









Walking alone in the silence

I thought I heard the eagle cry

Seeking the messiah, I gave him my soul-

I’d never seen him fly so high.


With my soul he flies to the sunset,

I close my eyes as my spirit sings.

I feel a flutter of wind in my hair-

As I am engulfed by his mighty wings.


He carries me into his nest

But will this, that I am dreaming come true?

Can he sense my hunger,
Eagle, when will I fly with you?


October 1990



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