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Don't judge harshly

that which the soul

pours forth in its own discovery!

by year





I want to live in the world behind your eyes,

Walk out of this reality where you can’t show me

The man I know in your eyes.

We’re just playing the part here of you and me in masks.

Let’s walk out of this disguise

To what is really real it seems in dreams and closed eyes.

I wish you were here with me

But you only haunt my rearview mirror.

Still I have to drive on, radio on, signs up ahead.

Songs and static, synchronicities of you and me, making me smile.

Vibrations between us in the same damn song

Torn apart by time, white lines and mile after lonely mile.

Letting go and holding on we drive on

And send a song upon the wind.



The long shadows of afternoon
Draw out the passing of time.

Of fading orange and yellow sun

Reminders of things left undone.


Words unspoken, visions unshared

All shall ruminate the night.
Pieces of your heart in fragment,

In my heart I do lament.


Somehow the sun set on our time

I pray the passing years are kind.

For the twilight of our years

May be when what we seek reappears.



There is a song upon the wind

Blowing warm against my skin
Whispering a melody long forgotton.


My heart stirs with the palm leaves

My chest aches with the memory
I am so far away here, yet you have found me.


Though my body lays in sand under sun

Somewhere the night hangs your moon.
Sweet melody, once lost in each other’s eyes

We smiled hearing this mystical tune.


Que sera sera, whatever will be will be

And oh how your eyes smiled at me
Que sera sera.


Visions now come haunting
Of all our years spent wanting

Together to spend more time,

Should the stars ever align.


Forever our melodies live

For a love that never dies

Should they find you wherever you are,

Que sera sera.

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