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Don't judge harshly

that which the soul

pours forth in its own discovery!

by year




Stuck in my cell block

Locked up in my own mind

Afraid to be near you

Like you’re some kind of crime


I speak your name often

When I’m deep in my dreams

Even though I can’t speak

When you’re near me it seems


I’m distant and distracted and I’m told half as bold

So scared I’m not worthy of this love for me you hold


Been too long and too hard

Living here in your eyes

Though enchanting, our love

It bears the burden of disguise






Behind those eyes

Beyond the clouds

Behind the line

Beyond the horizon

Behind the curtains

Beyond these four walls

Behind closed doors

Beyond the sun

Behind your pride

Beyond the fear

We could be near

Across the road

Cross the river

Over the bridge

Over the mountain

Across my face

Cross the tears

Your love leaves its trace.






Lines of my face

Each ache leaves its trace

These bones will all speak of you.


Forever knowing

Never showing

Driven mad by lights that shine.

Always glowing

In secret moments showing

Between your eyes and mine.


Haunted hearts and hopeful starts

Extend beyond our time.

Sleepless hours, ceaseless powers

Synchronicity has named you mine.


Fear within my muscles

Regret upon my heart

Forget you I will never

But name you keeper of my heart.


Beg you cry for me that I may know

This love tucked within a song

Melody to soon unfold.


And be it once more

Your eyes and face that I behold

For all the lost hands of time

I promise to be twice as bold-


For loving you is growing me old.








People will talk of the great mystical love between us

Tortured by time and circumstance

A haunting reverie as some sweet melody

Evokes the longing of our secret dance.


Someday they will talk of us this way

As though we two are found in every song.

Breathless they will tell our tale

Loved not together but a love lived long.


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