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Don't judge harshly

that which the soul

pours forth in its own discovery!

by year




The wind blows the words of wisdom

Somewhere down the road less taken.

And the few who walk it alone,

Walk the road unknown.


Feb. 1991








You shadow my heartbeat

It doesn’t matter from how far,

You walk in my soul

Wherever you are.


But where does my heart beat now?

Speeding the winds of your soul, 

Searching like a wild animal

My spirit aches to be whole.


A warmth in your touch

I need to feel your heat,

As my heavy heart aches

For the keeper of its beat.


Will you hold my love close to you?

Like the wind to a bird taking flight-

Will you remember my watery blue eyes

When you’re thirsty in the night?


My soul weeps like the willow

As your prescence haunts my heart.

But your voice is just an echo

Now that we’re apart.


Yet you shadow my every heartbeat,

It doesn’t matter from how far.

You walk in my soul,

Wherever you are.


Feb. 4 1991



Celestial meltdown

Gravitational pull

Soundgarden of your voice

My soul is full.


You carry my heart

Prince of shadows,

Yet when we shall meet

No one knows.



Nov. 15, 1991





Bleeding sun spills across the western sky

Another day is dying

Brother wolf howls the coming of another night.

Hungry darkness eats away my flesh from view.

The path in front of me is all I know.

Darkness throws the way- here and there,

Like the owl’s all seeing eyes.

Oh wise bird, with divine feathers,

Fly with me on this journey-

Brother please, for I no longer see the way to go.

Though my eyes are of no use,

My soul searches the darkness...

I shall find my way to you.


Nov. 25, 1991





Evening face

Midnight sings

A dream state embrace





Walking alone by the water of love

My eyes gazing upon its pebbled shore,

The golden sun caught the beauty

Of a stone that I would grow to adore.


Mystified, I reached out for it

Until I held it in my hand.

My soul grew warm from its power,

This precious stone from some other land.


Dec. 29 1991




The eye quivers

As the tongue confesses

Love gone bad.

Truth wallows

In a stagnant pool of tears

That all lies will soon freeze over.

Questions from one’s second mind

Dance savagely into the consciousness.
Lies or truth?

Illusion or reality?

Hide and seek?

Trick or treat?

Yet a fire burns from deep within-

There are no lies to scorch us

It is the truth that shall hurt the most.


Dec. 6 1991


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