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Don't judge harshly

that which the soul

pours forth in its own discovery!

by year




He said,


Sweet sister soulbride

I’ll take you for a spirit ride.

Heartshine, entwine

So divine my sunshine.

I stand here at your bedside,

I wanna take you inside,

Amplified slide ride

Only for you I’ve cried,

My sweet sister soulbride.


Feb. 92



Music walker, soul stalker

All I exist for is you.

Must we leave this meeting to chance?


Sky walker, heaven stalker

I leave it to you

To nurture our sacred romance.


Time blind, souls aligned

Our love cannot be denied-

Too long we’ve waited, for each other we’ve cried.


Seaside draws our soultide

It is only you I adore.

Waves roll in your essence,

Don’t let us wash ashore.


Unified and mystified

Our bodies ache-

Until our souls are purified.


Blackbird, spiritbird

Carries the soul of a friend.

Flying vigilantly overhead

Guiding us to our journey’s end.


A soulsong for lifelong

Wherever you may roam.

Be told my gypsy love,

Inside my soul, is your home.


Mar. 15, 1992



My thirsty soulshine in mystical havens you dwell.

Crushed crystal landscape surrounds your core.

Faded moonlight filters through mind,

And dreams of your watery soulshore.


Gravitational storm pulls me down to you.

Mind reach initiated before midnight,

Soul feast began before time-

Guided by a spirit from beyond atmospheric sight.


Planetary aura holds us captive to the dimension time.

Eyes of angels tear because we ache too much.

Walk faster Father Time, we’ve proved our worth from the start

Planetary orbit was shaken in wake of our first touch.


May 7 1992





Father Time, I must mend your  wounded leg.

Have you fallen? For you have slowed you pace.

Please Father, let our love heal you,

So you may once again walk with grace.


May 14 1992




In its primitive form it aches,

Forced to the edge of my consciousness.

Speaking from my soul I cry out-

Divine power, I ask and pray for your help.


Sending ripples through the universe,

My prayer takes flight on angelic wing.

It is my duty to behold, in awe its power.

I notice, and do not deny the existence of my answer.


I accept in gratitude and wonderment,

What gifts have been bestowed upon me.

I did not fear, for I only had to believe...

In turn, you believed in me Lord.



May 20 1992




An archangel holds the weight of the seventh stone to paradise.

Duty encircles the vast breadth of his wings, shadowing the planet.

In the hour of darkness, only the spirit sees.


June 1992




Moonlight bathes me on this path I walk

And this love for you I keep.

Yet too soon the clouds obscure the moon,

It is in darkness I must put this love to sleep.


I could only just let you walk away,
Shrouded in the midnight of your soul.

You may have heard the angels weep in heaven above,

But you did not see me tear as I put to rest our now tranquil sleeping love.


This sleeping love holds onto memories

As it drifts within my soul.

And Father Time guards these dreams,

‘Til he decides to make us whole.


But each darkness that goes by

Without you here by my side,

Still finds your spirit next to mine-

Sleeping love knows I am still your soulbride.


You walked away from me,

Like the earth turning from the sun.

My body and soul grew cold-

But I still believe I’m your chosen one.




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