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Don't judge harshly

that which the soul

pours forth in its own discovery!

by year




Your light shines through this darkness as I await.

Still through the night another man calls.

Dear Lord, my true love stands far and by the shore

As my tears through his eyes into the ocean pours.


Cannot face this new love that has found me,

For beyond my eyes is another’s face.

The greatest truth, the purest heart

Left long ago, on my soul, his trace.



Jan 23 1995



Been gone so long

Been long and since

Your lips upon my skin.


Been missed to long

Been long and gone

Would Time still let you in?


Once in my life

Once of my love

Would you still remember?


Once sweet goodbye

Once to return

We should be together!


Now tortured soul

Now thirsty heart

Until you shall return.


Now nameless days

Now glowing torch

Until my death shall burn.


You in my soul

You are my light

That angels make such fuss.


You I will see

You I shall love

When time he comes to us.



Feb. 26 1995




I would walk upon the waters

Just to hold your precious hand.

Across the earth I’d ache and wander,

‘Til upon the sands of time I’d stand.


I see your smile within my mind

Though it was so long ago.

The winds they often call your name,

And louder than you’ll know.


Great present past I was your love

Many times across this land.

And in this life we stand so close,

Yet need no words to understand.


Still every moment here our spirits speak

From below our Soulmate star.

Words not heard but still we feel

No matter from how far.


Yes, I know that there is Jesus

For I see him through your eyes.

Darkness falters, love prevails,

We are soulmates, we are wise.


Feb 26 1995



Love began

One spring evening,

Upon a midnight smile.


Love engraved

Our two hearts

Although we’d wait awhile.


Love distanced

Our bodies,

But could not part our souls.


Love tests

Our worthiness

Only sometimes it consoles.


Love composes

Our melody,

That our souls can only hear.


Love bestows

Our blessing now,

As pain and distance disappear.


Love evolves

Love revives

Time will test

But love survives.


April 6, 1995






Fear sails across the water

As I lay upon the shore.

The sands of time no longer run,

They cease for evermore.


As of now I hear the silence

And the waves no longer roll.

The thought of never seeing you,

Casts ice upon my soul.


Frozen now in time

Is our long ago goodbye.

Day or night no more

The sun bleeds in western sky.


Moment suspended,

Our love has ended,

Though I am yet to cry.


Confusion steals my thoughts

And sadness calls my name.

But strength within and there I see,

Angels still tend our flame.



April 6 1995






But without you

What is Love?


Without you

Cast my soul into the deep,

And for evermore my heart shall sleep.


But without you

What is Light?


Without you

Darkness treads upon my soul,

Where angels of mercy no longer control.


And without you

What still sings?


Without you

The sound is not as long,

The minstrel ceases every song.


Oh without you,

What is Time?


To grow and love in sweet sublime,

Heaven’s open door closing never-

For without you,

What is forever?



April 14 1995




Across the field the raven flies

With death upon my door he cries

Nothing to cling to yet I remain

No water of love left to sustain.


To get up I’d walk the darkest day

My soul is still, to soon decay

To sleep, but wake in silent night

To taste the fear, yet deny the fright


Though dead the rose, the seed remains

To my side an angel kneels and then explains-

You’ve grown weak and fallen, indeed alas,

But this too my dear, shall come to pass.


Your heart has the strength, your soul the valor

To guide you through your darkest hour.

There’s power to dare what your soul dreams of

From yourself the courage, from the Lord, His love.


April 3, 1995





As time evolves

And fortune grants

Our spirits move in spectral dance


When we sleep

Our souls immerse,

And swim in love across this universe.


Your presence

To my soul can heal

Our hearts are pure, our love is real.

Time gone by

Still I can’t forget,

I’d recognize your silhouette.


Sweet Cancerian

With  moonlit eyes,

You shine below the violet skies.


The soul

Through your eyes I see,

Is the same water here within me.


A gift

From the Lord above,

Through distance our hearts still feel this love.


In death

Our souls won’t even part,

Through from this land we shall depart.


From dust to diamonds

Our love it swirls,

To change our ashes from sand to pearls.


Spectral dance

Our souls caress,

This love of ours that God has blessed.


April 14, 1995



Immortal melodies

From your soul the holy sounds arise.

Your music I hear, yet also see

Though silent in your eyes.


Instrumental seduction

That to my body communicates

As your tune is the sweet sweet wine

That to my soul intoxicates.


If music is the speech of angels

Indeed you are a man divine.

Embracing song unites people,

This special calling to you God did assign.


Universal concert

Angels sing throughout your soul.

I pray that when you call my name,

The sound will make us whole.


River of love runs through us

Now I know where I belong.

To drink of your sweet melodies,

‘Til I am drunk upon your song.


Apr. 14, 1995




Our souls caress when our bodies sleep,

Though to Father Time we’ve been apart.

From far beyond, the Sun shines upon your skin-

As from a distance your love still warms my heart.


This love erases distance,

This love transcends the times.

A love, though I am far away-

My light within you shines.


Can you see me?

My image behind your eyes.

Can you feel me?

My angel, by your side he flies.


To my heart the time reveals,

As the earth around the sun revolves.

Angels smile upon our patient love.

That within each other, endlessly evolves.


And on the mornings I awake and hear,

Your footsteps in my soul,

I’ll know amongst the stars we slept-

And our spirits they were whole.


May 27 1995



Time he smiled

But time’s gone by

Now I just call your name.


These nights are long

And years roll on

But I still feel the same.


Do you think a little bit

About me?

Do you still feel

Do you still see

When I was looking at you and you were smiling at me.


All I got is in my hand

As I touch your paper face.

This picture of you nearly torn in two

Is all I can embrace.


I still think a little bit about you.

I still feel the power though

It’s just a picture of you.

I still see.

When I’m looking at you and you’re smiling at me.


The angels helped the time pass by

Until your sweet return.

Now you’re standing here

Erasing years and we know the torch still burns.


And God he though a little bit about us

I guess Jesus, he and angels decided

They would bless our love

And now I can see.

Why I’m looking at you and you’re smiling at me.

Our love is meant to be.


Summer 1995





You’ve wandered too far my precious one

You’ve wandered way too long.

And left beside me silence

Where once fortune sang our song.


Tracing silent wings of memory

Your soul inside me shines.

A courageous little shimmer

And around my heart the hope entwines.


Still swimming in our past, sweet oceanic bliss

How long can sweet memory last?

Come back, restore for me your fading smile

My dear, it’s been too long awhile.


Gently in the moonlight

Your image it appears.

As the earth around the sun revolves

And starlight counts the years.





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